What We Do

Soterios Crisis Response provides preventive health and safety strategies. Our services include public health expertise, crisis response, emergency medicine and remote medical laboratory infrastructure. We currently serve the film and TV production industry, government contracting sectors and several large corporations.

Our flexibility, ability to integrate locally and hands-on approach allows us to quickly provide a broad range of tailored medical and mental health solutions during emergency situations.

Soterios Crisis Response currently operates in the U.S., Canada, Greece and Serbia and is ready to respond globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding, innovative, and patient-centered healthcare services to clients, positively impacting their lives, and providing meaningful return on investment.

Our Story

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we responded as paramedics when first responders were called to New York City. Our team quickly noticed the overwhelming and ever-growing number of new patients and the subsequent need for qualified and efficient professionals to buffer the impact that this crisis was having on our communities and economy.

While working as NYC COVID-19 Rapid Response Leaders, we often talked about what went well and what we hoped would change in the way our society handles the most unpredictable of emergencies. Soterios’ core mission began to take shape under the premise that crises must be responded to efficiently and without delay.

Shortly after our time in New York, we received a request to be on set within 24 hours to assist with a film production in Greece. We were tasked with developing health and safety COVID-19 mitigation strategies. We provided tailored emergency medical assistance under short notice.

Since our collaboration with the Film and Television Industry, Soterios Crisis Response has served clients in four nations across multiple industries. Our organization has grown to consist of infectious disease & epidemiology experts, mental health experts, physicians, paramedics, and film professionals.

We have successfully developed robust capabilities to be able to respond to the global demand for health and safety services. While being able to manage chaotic environments has proven to be our most valuable asset, medical knowledge is and will remain the foundation of our work. Through observation of technical skill and management, collaboration, and psychological resilience, we have built a system to tailor and cater to the prevention of crises.

Our Team

Jacob Saltzman
Founder & CEO
Business Development Manager
Avacet Shelar
Clinical Operations Manager
Christos Nikas
Emergency Operations Manager Greece
Cedric Boutin
Marketing Manager