Hannah R. Saltzman PhD

Mental Health Consultant

Clinical psychoglist, Dr.Saltzman, recently joined our team to provide mental health consultation services.

Dr. Saltzman will be available 24/7 to provide immediate mental health consultation during crises.

Mental health consultations includes risk evaluation, de-escalation, increasing distress tolerance, implementing boundaries, (psycho)education, mood regulation, team building, conflict resolution, effective communication styles, mindfulness/grounding techniques, cultural humility training, determining capacity, establsihing inclusive spaces for under represented identities (e.g., creating LGBTQIA+ affirming spaces), assesing decline in function, grief proccessing, future reccomandations, and follow ups if needed.

Our mental health consultation services also include tailored preventative strategies, uniquely created for each project, to ensure long term maintenance of a positive and inclusive mental health environment beyond the end of our contract.