Remote Mobile Laboratories Program

The Remote Mobile Laboratories (RML) Program was developed to assist in fighting public health emergencies by enabling onsite testing and analysis during outbreaks. Our core operating guideline is to deliver diagnostic results with a high level of specificity without compromising speed and efficiency to clients in remote environments that lack access to traditional labs.

Our RML features the most up-to-date reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction cycler’s (RT-PCR), that target an expanded gene pool for highly specific results. Additionally, we offer an industry-leading integrated sequencing program which enables surveillance and variant testing and detection.

Genome sequencing allows for targeted treatment therapy. This provides the opportunity to offer more specific treatment, the potential to lessen treatment time and valuable epidemiological data. Soterios is unique in that it takes advantage of the ability to offer this technology in a mobile capacity. By minimizing the time needed to determine the best target treatment, our patients are provided the best possible outcome while eliminating the use of broad spectrum medications, which in part have contributed to viral and bacterial resistant infections.

When an RML is deployed, a team consisting of specimen collection experts and biologists will accompany the unit to insure smooth and accurate processing.